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QWhat is PON?

Passive Optical Network (PON) is current uppermost optical access technology because of its large capacity, low cost and optical fiber consumption. PON is widely used in FTTH (Fiber To The Home) construction of the globe. A PON consists of an optical line terminal (OLT), splitters and several optical network units (ONUs). Base on the standards, it can be divided into EPON,GPON,WDM-PON,etc.

QWhat is an optical passive component?

Optical passive component, such as coupler or filter, is a component that can accomplish certain optical function without any other light or electrical power. It working principle is based on physical and geometrical optical theory. Like laser transceiver, however, is called active device that found on photovoltaic energy conversion.

QHow to classify passive optical components?

According to different production process, passive optical components can be divided into fiber component and integrated component. According to different function, it van be divided into connector, attenuator, power splitter, wavelength splitter, isolator, switch, modulator, etc.

QWhat are the main technical indicators to evaluate passive optical components?

The technical indicators include insert loss, return loss, polarization loss, and bandwidth, switch rate, modulate rate, extinction rate, etc. Different components have different requirements. But, low insert loss, high return loss, wide bandwidth are common for most optical passive components.

QWhat is PLC?

Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC), unlike fused biconic tapers (FBTs), can integrated multiple functions onto a single chip to significantly reduce size and cost. PLC technology applies to vary products: splitter, AWG, VOA, VMUX, ROADM, etc.

QWhat are advantages of PLC over FBT?

Compared with FBT, PLC splitter has wider operating wavelength and temperature, small size, better uniformity, high reliability, etc. Nowadays, PLS splitter has already become the first choice of OLT and ONU connection for PON network.

QWhat's the difference between broadband PLC splitter and three-band FBT splitter?

For the restrain of working theory and manufacturing techniques, FBT usually can work on three different operating bands. However, PLC splitter has a broader operating band (1260-1650nm) and low loss. So PLC spliiter is called “ broadband ".Currently, the standard operating bands for EPON & GPON are 1310, 1490 and 1550nm. For the next generation of PON such as WDM-PON will require more operating bands. Thus, PLC splitter can meet the needs and requirements for network update.

QWhat is fiber bend radius of Broadex PLC splitter?

The standard fiber G652 Broadex used has 30mm fiber bend radius. We also provided fiber G657 which has 15mm fiber bend radius to customers.

QHow long is Broadex product's service life? How is it arrived?

We promise 25 years as average service year. It refer to the time that half of great amount of product become invalid, not refer to each product,service life. For every product, 3-year free replacement and 10-year maintenance is guaranteed. According to Telcordia 1221 standard, the average service life is calculated from the accelerated life test data.

QWhat's the function of the hermetically sealed fiber?

As the input/output of optical signal, hermetically sealed fiber array which can meet stringent hermeticity packaging requirements is widely used in photoelectronic devices, that are sensitive to the environment temperature, such as high-speed laser, aviation communication device, RODAM, WSS,DCE and modulator/demodulator. Broadex hermetically sealed fiber has good sealability, low loss, high reliability and etc. because of advanced Low-temperature welding glass technology. It is also available for custom configured.

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